Drew Barrymore's on/off boyfriend Justin Long helped the actress score laughs by mocking Matthew Mcconaughey on hit comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live.
Barrymore took up hosting duties for the sixth time on Saturday (10Oct09), but failed to win over her audience as she impersonated Ozzy Osbourne's wife Sharon in a skit.
The star donned a cropped red wig to portray the rock matriarch and struggled to maintain her British accent as she recited her lines.
But Long helped revive the show by appearing shirtless to depict MCConaughey.
Long drew more laughs as the bongo-wielding Texan, joking: "On the night my before my brother's wedding, I was thrice visited by the ghosts of my girlfriend's past. These sexist spirits take me around for about 90 minutes give or take. It's ironic that it took three dead ghost women to show me how to live. I am so terrified right now, and so very horny."