Movie makers BOBBY and PETER FARRELY have called back Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon to reshoot scenes on their new baseball romance film, after the BOSTON RED SOX's recent win against the NEW YORK YANKEES.

Fallon and Barrymore have spent the past few months filming Fever Pitch, adapted from British author Nick Hornby's best-selling novel about a soccer fanatic, which was first adapted for the big screen in 1997 and starred BRIDGET JONES heart-throb Colin Firth.

But after the Red Sox shock win against long-time champions Yankees in the AMERICAN LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES' game seven last week (20OCT04) and their subsequent triumphs in the WORLD SERIES games, the Farrelly Bros have realised their script needs some drastic changes.

In Hornby's novel, the hero's favourite football team ARSENAL win the league, however due to the Red Sox's long underdog status, the Farrelly Bros wrote the script to accommodate the baseball team's losing streak.

Bobby explains, "In the script, the Red Sox don't win, but now all of a sudden, what happens if they do win? The script implies that it's not one of their best years. We didn't know they were going to make a historic comeback against the Yankees.

"There's been some tweaking. The writers are burning the midnight oil.

"We're actively changing the end of the movie. I think the word is serendipity."

27/10/2004 02:44