Drew Barrymore will spend Thanksgiving with her ex-husband and his family.

The 'Whip It!' star may have split from Will Koppelman over 18 months ago but they have maintained their family ''traditions'' and will be getting together with their daughters Olive, five, and Frankie, three, for the holiday later this month.

Discussing her Thanksgiving plans, Drew said: ''We do a whole thing at the house. I always spend it with my daughters, their father, grandparents, [Will's sister] Jill [Kargman], my sister, the cousins. We have a whole Kopelman-Kargman tradition.''

And the 42-year-old actress is also considering going on a short vacation during the holiday period.

She told People magazine: ''We might take a trip -- not on an airplane.

''Travel during Thanksgiving is so hard, so anything that's a drive away.''

The 'Santa Clarita Diet' star moved to New York from California with Will and their kids in 2014, and she still feels like she's ''getting to know'' the East Coast and has been enjoying some road trips.

She said: ''I'm really just getting to know the East Coast. I just went to Vermont and rode a bike for 15 miles and huffed and puffed until I thought I was going to die. I'm just exploring.''

But despite three years in the Big Apple, Drew still feels like she doesn't know the city very well.

She said: ''I'm not an aficionado. If it was the state of California I could tell you everything, but [in] New York I'm like lost. I'm new here!''

Drew previously admitted she felt her ''whole life was falling apart'' when she split from Will and she was pleased to be able to throw herself into working on 'Santa Clarita Diet' - in which she played a zombie real estate agent - in the aftermath of their marriage breakdown.

She previously said: ''I loved getting to have that outlet. It was a safe place for me to spend my summer while my whole life was just sort of falling apart.

''I was just in a really low point and I read the script and it made me laugh and it made me feel something. It took me out of my own world that wasn't super pleasant at the time and I thought, 'Maybe other people wanna be take out of their unpleasant times and be transported into something that's cool and different.''