Actress Drew Barrymore was paralysed with back pain in the final days of her pregnancy as her daughter was two weeks past her due date.

The Charlie's Angels star admits she had it fairly easy during her first trimester, when most expectant mums suffer from morning sickness, and "hardly ever" threw up, but as her expected delivery date came and went, the aches and pains of carrying a child for nine months were exacerbated.

She tells America's People magazine, "My back was killing me; I thought I was going to die. I could barely move toward the end of my pregnancy, and I was almost two weeks late. But I was Zen about it; I knew it was all happening for a reason."

Barrymore gave birth to little Olive, her first child with new husband Will Kopelman, in September (12) and she has shown off her tot in an exclusive photo spread for the magazine.

And the new mum insists finally setting sight on the baby girl was "positively the best moment of my life".

She adds, "My husband took a picture (when she first saw her tot) and I have that picture now forever, and it's the coolest moment of my life, bar none. I look at it every day."