Drew Barrymore thinks it is a ''miracle'' she has returned to work already.

The 39-year-old actress gave birth to second daughter Frankie just three weeks ago but is happy to take the time to promote her new movie 'Blended' because everyone is doing well and she is proud of the project.

Speaking on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' in an episode airing on Monday (19.05.14), she said: ''It feels like a miracle and it's also so awesome I have to say.

''I feel like I actually have, first of all, I love this movie and I would never not like show up for it and I feel so good and happy. My kid is healthy. I have nothing to complain about. Like, I'm so blessed.''

Drew admitted she and husband Will Kopelman initially struggled to find a name for their daughter during her pregnancy as everything they like sounded like ''food or colours'' when paired with the name of their other child, 19-month-old Olive, but they managed to settle on Frankie ''a few months'' ago.

She said: ''We, um, it was just a name that like came to my husband and I about a few months before she was born and it was just sort of like I think this is it and then we just gave ourselves the room to change our mind but we never did. Not the most interesting story.''