Drew Barrymore has an ambition to ''explore something romantic'' with her growing fashion empire.

The Hollywood star launched her Dear Drew lifestyle label with Amazon Fashion in October, and she has now opened up about her long-term aims for her brand.

She shared: ''I kept feeling this burning desire to build an apparel brand for women by women, to explore something romantic.

''I took it back to my love of tailoring and having been in a costume house my whole life.''

Drew, 42, explained that she tries to maintain a positive outlook on life, irrespective of the challenges facing her.

But at the same time, the acclaimed actress admitted she doesn't wish to create ''magic-wand make-up or magic-wand clothes''.

Speaking to InStyle, Drew shared: ''When I was making movies, I just didn't want to tell a depressing story; I wanted to tell one about some type of self-improvement. I thought, 'There's enough s**t in life. I want optimism and joy.'

''At the same time, I don't like magic-wand happy endings - and now I don't like magic-wand make-up or magic-wand clothes.''

Meanwhile, Amazon Fashion Director, Kate Dimmock, previously spoke about the long-term aims behind Drew's brand.

Speaking earlier this year, she said: ''The brand's mission is to provide positive inspiration and a grounding voice to all women.''

She explained, too, that the company serves as a reflection of Drew's ''creative energy''.

Kate shared: ''Drew's impressive career and creative energy is an inspiration, and we're thrilled to be able to offer our customers a collection that embodies her.''