Drew Barrymore has ''cried a lot'' this year.

The 'Miss You Already' star - who divorced husband Will Kopelman earlier this year - admits it has been a tough 12 months but is feeling positive about the future.

Taking to Instagram, she wrote: ''#peopleilove #sweatybetties ok this is my last post for this series. Every Monday I work out with my girlfriends and, as female writer Isaac Dennison said, 'There is nothing you can't cure with saltwater. Sweat, tears and the ocean.'

''May I say 2016 has been a most unique year. I have cried a lot this year. I have run to oceans. I have tried to pull it all back together by moving my body until the egg cracks, and the sweat pours out and releases something. I have always been a person who is flawed. I forgive. I fight. But I do not fight with others.

''I will spend my life trying to give love. And I am always aware and appreciative when I receive it. My heart is very open right now. Let us all be as good to each other as we have ever been. 2017, here we come. And yes! I will be arm and arm, with all the #peopleilove (sic)''

Meanwhile, Drew and Will are keen to ''keep everything cordial'' for the sake of their two children, Olive, four, and Frankie, two.

A source said: ''[Drew] really wanted to give her daughters a normal family life, and she will do everything to make sure they [have one]. They're on good terms and are trying to keep everything cordial for the sake of the girls. They'll keep their apartment they have on the Upper East Side [of New York City] for now. Olive is in school here [in NY], but also is enrolled in L.A. Drew was never really based full-time in NYC - they were always back and forth.''