Drew Barrymore likes to ''rebel'' against authority.

The 'Never Been Kissed' star has opened up about her extreme moods and how she can become ''very f**king scrappy'' if she is not happy about something.

Speaking to the February issue of InStyle magazine - in which Drew recreated outfits from key moments in her childhood - she confessed: ''I definitely have a ferociousness. And I've always had it. I completely rebel against authority. Scrappy. I am very f**king scrappy.''

Drew - who has children Olive, five, and Frankie, three, with ex-husband Will Kopelman - had a difficult time being in the spotlight at such a young age - with her first major role in 'E.T: The Extraterrestrial' at the age of seven - but previously said she is thankful to her mother Jaid Barrymore ''every day'', for putting her into an institution when she was 12.

The 42-year-old actress admitted she was completely out of control before she forced her to seek help for her drug and alcohol addictions for 18 months.

She said: ''My mom was like, 'Someone figure this out; I can't.' It was like military school for humility and gratitude and perspective. I had none. I had the weirdest life ever. And they kicked my a** until I walked out of there knowing what 'please' and 'thank you' meant for the first time in my life. I thank her every day for it. It was the best thing that ever happened to me.''

The 'Miss You Already' star made the ''very difficult'' decision to become emancipated from Jaid when she was 15, and while they were estranged for many years, they now ''speak on holidays and birthdays.''

She added: ''We have wonderful text exchanges. For the first time I actually feel somewhat protective of her as opposed to guilty or confused.''