Seeing her newborn daughter for the first time was the ''best moment'' of Drew Barrymore's life.

The 37-year-old actress gave birth to daughter Olive - her first child with husband Will Kopelman - 10 weeks ago and was immediately overcome with love.

She said: ''It was positively the best moment of my life. My husband took a picture and I have that picture now forever and it's the coolest moment of my life, bar none. I look at it every day.''

While she loves being a mother, Drew admitted she was terrified of the responsibility at first.

She told People magazine: ''I just sort of rocked back and forth like a crazy person, like 'It's going to be OK, It's going to be OK.' Because you care so much. I couldn't sleep or eat for two weeks, I was just so nervous.

''We've been so happy since the news. On one level it's so scary and on the other, it's like 'it's going to be so awesome.'

''You have the highest highs and yet you're facing the biggest fear of 'How do I keep someone alive?' I have the word 'breathe' tattooed on my forearm but I feel like I need to add to it 'are they breathing?'''

Exclusive photos and the full interview with Drew, Will and Olive are available in the current issue of People magazine.