Drew Barrymore thinks her fashion choices used to be ''crazy''.

The 39-year-old actress - who has one-year-old daughter Olive and is pregnant with her second child - believes her style when she was younger was awful but she's glad she experimented with them then.

She said: ''I saw what I wore to concerts and red carpets, and I was like, 'That sh*t is crazy,' but I'm so glad I did it. I'm such a mom now, but it makes me happy to know I had those moments in life. One thing I do love from the '90s is the brown-red lipsticks. I never did the frosted lips, because it never looked good on me.''

Meanwhile, Drew - who has her own Flower Beauty cosmetics line - has developed a passion for creating make-up on the go.

She explained to People magazine: ''I'll go into a bodega and rub berries on my cheeks. And I'll ask for a wine cork that they've thrown away and I'll burn the end to make kohl for my eyes. I can get very creative with how to make makeup on-the-go, [but] I cannot figure out how to formulate the perfect concealer.''