Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz are like ''sisters''.

The 'Santa Clarita Diet' star is very close to her ''bestie'' Cameron and feels blessed to have such an amazing woman in her life.

Asked if there's anyone she would like to join her in immortality, she chose Cameron and then added to People magazine: ''Luckily, she's in my life every day.''

Drew had previously thanked Cameron for making her feel ''beyond beautiful''.

She wrote: ''#beautyjunkieweek #sisters. getting out of your house with your girlfriend. And being a whole person, with your sister. Remember to spend a moment with the ones you love in your busy life. She has made me feel beyond beautiful. Always has. Always will. #thankgodforyourfriends. They rejuvenate and confirm everything. (sic).''

And Drew had previously credited Cameron as the only person she would rely on if she was involved in a difficult situation.

Drew said: ''Not that any one of us are going to jail anytime soon. But 100 percent. She would, like, get in there and get you out.

''If you're looking for the best dinner-cooking partner and watching-TV-on-the-couch friend, call her. If someone is in a medical situation, call her! She's the most loyal, fierce, fun, cosy friend.''

Drew previously confessed she calls Cameron ''Poo Poo''.

She said: ''I've never felt comfortable with this, sort of, camaraderie of famous people. I've known Poo Poo [Cameron Diaz] since I was 14 years old. We just happened to know each other before her career started, and I was working in a coffeehouse trying to refigure out my life. So in a weird way, it doesn't even count with us.''