Drew Barrymore has fuelled speculation she'll snag a fourth lady for another CHARLIE'S ANGELS movie after naming Penelope Cruz as her dream castmate. Barrymore, who produced the first two films with her partner Nancy Juvonen, recently sent the rumour mill into overdrive when she admitted she would be "so into" reprising her role as a sexy secret agent with co-stars Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz.
Hollywood insiders even suggested a fourth lovely lady would be added to the mix when the stars begin shooting later this year (09).
And when asked which actress she would recruit for the project, Barrymore announced she already has her eye on the Spanish star: "Im so in love with Penelope Cruz! Shes amazing.
"Theyre (the films are) very large endeavours, so theyre a lot to make happen. That said, theyre so much fun and I would give anything. Count me in any day. (Co-producer Nancy Juvonen) and I and all the people involved are the ones who have to figure it out and make it happen, but we would love to."
But Juvonen has other ideas, telling website Sci-Fi Wire: "I'm having a Rihanna fixation!"