Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore grew up avoiding all sweets, after a bad experience while making a cookie dough commercial as a child.

The Charlie's Angels babe starred in an advertisement for PILSBURY chocolate chip cookies when she was just three years old, but what should have been a child's dream served as a nightmare for Barrymore - even to this day.

She says, "You have to eat the cookies all day long, and I remember being so sick from eating all these cookies.

"I remember my mom and I were driving away from this shoot and this woman chased us down like we'd forgotten our child or something screaming, 'Wait!' We rolled down the window and she handed us a big roll of cookie dough!

"I've never liked sweets as an adult and I think that might have something to do with it."

"Somebody should've done that with macaroni and cheese with me, because I love it!"

20/02/2004 09:12