Drew Barrymore and her rocker boyfriend Fabrizio Moretti held up customers at a New York pharmacy recently when they flicked through pictures they'd just had developed.

The 28-year-old CHARLIE'S ANGELS star and The Strokes drummer Moretti, 23, visited CVS PHARMACY recently to pick up a roll of film they had dropped off.

But when the cashier handed over the pictures, they stood looking at them in front of the counter - completely oblivious to the growing line of customers behind them waiting for the pair to hand over their cash.

An onlooker recalls, "Fab was saying things like, 'You remember so-and-so from Los Angeles. And remember this party?'"

But Barrymore quickly removed herself from the store when a fellow customer drew attention to the hold-up she was causing.

The source adds, "Drew was really apologetic. She felt bad for holding everyone up."

23/10/2003 17:35