Wild actress Drew Barrymore is desperate to have a child with her rocker boyfriend Fabrizio Moretti.

The CHARLIE'S ANGELS star, 29, insists she is desperate for "normal" family life with the STROKES drummer, after suffering two broken marriages - with comedian Tom Green and bar owner JEREMY THOMAS - and dangerous addictions to alcohol and drugs.

Barrymore explains, "I'm very much in love with my boyfriend and of course we both want to have a family. I look at every person on this planet and realise that they were all a baby at one point.

"I do want to be a mother but I still have a lot to learn. Just you watch, next year (05) I'll have a kid!"

Moretti and Barrymore met at California's Coachella FESTIVAL in May 2002 and have been besotted with each other ever since.

28/07/2004 02:50