Hollywood star Drew Barrymore wishes she could get married for the first time again - as she would love to call boyfriend Fabrizio Moretti her only husband.

The 50 FIRST DATES actress, 29 - who unions with Jeremy Thomas and TOM GREEN ended in divorce - would love to turn back time so any future nuptials with The Strokes drummer would be her first taste of married life.

Barrymore laments, "Whenever the subject (of marriage) comes up, I feel like a child who's just burned down a house.

"There's a couple who I recently found out were getting married (for the first time), and I looked at my boyfriend and thought, 'Wow, I wish I had never done that so I could do that with you.'

"There's a line that's crossed when you fail in a marriage.

"You could be married for three to six months, which is what I did, and when it doesn't work out you feel like such a horrible, miserable failure. That's the negative extreme."

However Barrymore does see the positive side to being married and how it can make a couple feel "invincible".

She adds, "The thing I respect most about a couple is whether they can work on their problems and stay together.

"It doesn't matter to me if you're married or not; I just value consistency."

23/04/2004 19:26