Hollywood beauty Drew Barrymore remembers every small detail of her first kiss and will treasure the experience forever. The MUSIC AND LYRICS star was 11 years old when she kissed her school friend Breckin Meyer, now an actor and director. She recalls, "It was very nice and it was his first kiss too. We were with my girlfriend, but she wasn't involved with the kiss, of course - it wasn't anything kinky! "We played this card game with three rounds: round one was kisses with closed lips, round two was open mouth and round three was open mouth with tongues. It was so funny. "It was so clinical in a way, but it was fun and it was sweet and it was safe. It was an innocent game. There wasn't anything dirty or strange about it. It's funny because when you're a kid you don't realise what you have - that innocence." Barrymore, who recently split from her boyfriend of five years, The Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti, wants to instill in her future children that they should hold on to these precious moments. She adds, "When you're older, you want to experience all that stuff. I really want to teach my kids to appreciate every little thing they have, because when you're older, you have time to go through it all and realise how precious it is."