Screen beauty Drew Barrymore has reportedly ended her 18 month romance with rock star lover Fabrizio Moretti.

CHARLIE'S ANGELS star Drew, 28 had been dating The Strokes drummer, 22, after splitting from second husband Tom Green in 2001- but pals say they've gone their separate ways after a series of bitter rows.

A friend explains, "Everybody thought Drew and Fab would be announcing the date for a wedding.

"But lately they've been rowing plenty - about how often they get to see each other and what they get up to when they hang out.

"They're just not sure they want the same thing."

But the pal hints they is the slightest chance of a reconciliation; "They know they still love each other so they've decided to take space to see if they can iron things out."

24/11/2003 02:52