CHARLIE'S ANGELS star Drew Barrymore treated early-morning commuters to a surreal sight recently, when she and a large group of pals danced in a New York City subway station.

The actress enjoyed a night out partying with friends, when they decided to continue the revelry underground.

She says, "There were, like, 20 of us and we had to go from one place to another and it was like four in the morning. We didn't wanna separate so we were like, 'Let's all jump on the subway!'

"So we got up and we were in the subway and all of a sudden cue 1980s music video. We were like dancing around the poles and hanging out and then we rushed out at our stop.

"We ran into a friend who was sitting there - I don't know why at four in the morning - in like her sneakers, coming home from work mode. We like whisked her up and not a word was spoken about it.

"Like a true sport she just jumped up and joined the conga line and off we were like dancing in the street. It was a total, like, 1980s MTV moment."

11/04/2005 09:24