Actress Drew Barrymore has slammed reports she was thrown out of a baseball game following her rude and drunken behaviour to a family recently, claiming the group in questioning were repeatedly photographing her.

The CHARLIE'S ANGELS star, her rocker boyfriend Fabrizio Moretti and a group of friends were watching a New York Mets game in a luxury box at the Shea Stadium in Queens, New York City, when the family in the next box began taking photos of her.

Despite Barrymore's claims the family were disturbing her, the family allege the actress burst into their box and shouted at one of their group.

MICHAEL DELVECCHIO tells, "She was drinking and smoking like a chimney, so we asked the security guard to tell her to put out her cigarette because there were young children present, but she just kept on doing it.

"Suddenly she stormed into our suite with a lit cigarette and berated one of my friends in front of his young daughter for taking a picture of her. Thankfully, one of the stadium staff kicked her out of our box."

However, Barrymore responds, "The family making this claim were constantly taking pictures of me. And I politely asked them to stop, so that the people I was with would not be bothered.

"And now they are making claims about my behaviour, which is outrageous. This family obviously has a chip on their shoulder and another thought should not be wasted on this."