Paramount and Dreamworks have confirmed that a Transformers sequel is on the way.

After raking in over £300 million in worldwide box office receipts, studio heads have been eager to begin development on a follow-up to the summer blockbuster.

And in an interview with E! Online, Paramount spokesman Marvin Levy confirmed that a second installment of robot mayhem should hit screens in 2009.

"Obviously you have a movie that's made as much money as Transformers has, you'd want to do another one," he said.

Though a June 26th, 2009 release date has been mooted, nothing is set in stone yet, Levy added.

"Things are moving along, but until everyone says, 'Now we have everything; we have the script and everybody tied in', we can't say it's greenlit yet," he commented.

While director Michael Bay and star Shia LaBeouf have both expressed an interest in dealing with the robots in disguise again, the studios have offered no confirmation regarding the return of co-stars Josh Duhamel, Jon Voight and the lithe Megan Fox.

Though the partnership between Dreamworks and Paramount has recently been called into question, it is thought that Stephen Spielberg will return as executive producer when the Transformers next roll out.

28/09/2007 15:50:33