Dreamworks and Paramount's Transformers, has broken US box office records on what was expected to be a difficult July 4th weekend.

The action extravaganza which sees two groups of morphing robots, the Autobots and Decepticons, slug it out pulled in earnings of $29.1 million (£14.48 million) on Wednesday beating Spiderman's record of $22 million (£10.94 million) which was set on July 4, 2004.

The film's record breaking performance is surprising as according to the Hollywood Reporter, box office takings are generally lower when the fourth of July falls on a Wednesday.

DreamWorks spokesman Marvin Levy said: "Typically, when the Fourth falls on a Wednesday, business goes down.

"So the fact that it went up is a tremendous surprise to all of us. Certainly, it was a record-breaking Fourth of July," he added.

Transformers, directed by Michael Bay of Armageddon fame, is playing on 4,011 screens across the United States. The total domestic earnings for the film so far stand at $65.7 million (£32.69 million).

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Transformers' 6 1/2-day gross ticket sales is set to beat the totals set by hits such as Independence Day and War of the Worlds. The film has earned $119 million (£59.22 million) worldwide.

Experts say inclement weather, including rain on the East Coast and a heat wave in the Southwest and in Southern California, may have helped boost ticket sales at the box office this week.

Transformers will be released in the UK on the 27th of June.

06/07/2007 07:43:21