THE SOPRANOS star Drea de Matteo has added to her weird collection of bodyparts - she has her brother's teeth.

The actress claims sentimentality leads her to collect all kinds of strange things that once belonged to those close to her - and her brother's recent dentistry work has helped her add another gem.

She says, "He sent me all his teeth in the mail. He had one side of his mouth replaced. I like to keep things. I'm sentimental.

"My dad has his knees replaced. They messed up because they were supposed to save them for me."

But De Matteo's oddest keepsakes belong in a jar on her bedside table - her Great Dane's testicles.

She adds, "He's still alive. I show them to him every time he misbehaves. I think he knows they're his."

09/03/2004 14:42