EMMY-winning actress Drea de Matteo gave a paper towel company some free advertising yesterday (20OCT04), when she sung the praises of its product and showed off its strength.

De Matteo, former star of The Sopranos, is a huge fan of VIVA paper towels and, during an appearance on ELLEN DeGENERES' chat show, she proved how good they are by putting them through an infomercial-style product test.

The actress doused a sheet of the paper with water and then sat a cup on top of it as DeGeneres held it to prove that it wouldn't break.

She says of the towels, "They're the best. It has a great hand. It's, like, rubbery, and I pick up a lot of dog stuff around the house and it doesn't break through."

21/10/2004 02:24