Actress Drea de Matteo has mixed feelings about the Golden Globe Awards because she spent the night praying she wouldn't win a prize - and then partied at Prince's home.

The former THE SOPRANOS star was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress prize for her role in the hit mob show and she spent the ceremony terrified that her name was going to be called.

She says, "I'm the only actor that wishes that they don't win. I was praying I wouldn't win the Golden Globe and it worked.

"I get way too shy; I can't use my own language very well. I like it when people write it for me."

But the night took a turn for the better once the Globes ended - she took her parents to Prince's mansion.

She adds, "We ended up at Prince's house and my parents were dancing until like four in the morning. It was my favourite part of the night. They were dancing with Justin Timberlake."

21/01/2005 10:00