Rap newcomer Drake was lucky to land his new single FANCY for his debut album THANK ME LATER - because producer Swizz Beatz had previously offered it to MARY J. BLIGE.
Beatz admits Drake was never the first choice to record the track - it was initially intended for his own album, before he decided to play it for Blige.
The R&B superstar failed to wrap the song in time for her latest release Stronger With Each Tear, and the tune was subsequently passed on to Drake.
Beatz tells MTV.com, "Fancy has been well-travelled. It started off as a Swizz record. Then I got Mary on it. It was supposed to be on her (Stronger With Each Tear album), but we missed the deadline. Then I pulled it back for my (upcoming) record.
"Then five o'clock one morning, on the phone speaking with Drake, he's in a different time zone, we're trying to figure out what he needs (for his album). He's like, 'Yo, I just need a record for the ladies.' I'm on my computer playing him joints over the phone. Then I played him Fancy. I was like, 'You want something like this?' But I was playing it as a reference."
However, Drake liked the track so much he convinced the producer to hand over the song there and then. Beatz says, "He was like, 'That's the record I need.' I said, 'OK, I'll make you (one like) that.' (Drake replied), 'No. That's the record I need.'"
But he insists he had no qualms about giving in to Drake's demands: "I'm a producer first, so he can have the record. I'm still on it, it's still love. He's a heck of an artist, and I feel no ways but honoured (sic)."