Rapper Drake's alleged ex-girlfriend is suing the hitmaker for cash she insists she is owed for allowing her former beau to use her voice in his Marvin's Room tune.
Ericka Lee claims hers was the voice on the other end of the phone call in the heartbreak hit, and now she wants the hip-hop hearthrob to pay up.
Filing suit in Los Angeles on Thursday (02Feb12), Lee alleges she and Drake dated for a year until splitting last summer (11) and during the romance, the star agreed to work with Lee.
In her suit, she claims she was asked to record the song's hook and its famous opening monologue.
She insists she has text messages from her ex proving she was a big part of the song, but the hitmaker simply listed her as Syren Lyric Muse.
Lee initially filed suit against Drake last year (Jul11), but his record company bosses insisted the voice on the record belonged to a hired session musician.
According to the plaintiff, Drake then offered her two per cent of publishing royalties in a text. When he learned she had hired a lawyer, the rapper reportedly upped his offer to four to five per cent.
Lee is demanding a credit as the co-writer of the song and damages.