Drake wants to be a Hollywood actor.

The 'One Dance' hitmaker would love to take six months to a year out of music to carve out a career in the film industry but he insists he would always go back to music, his first love, afterwards.

He said: ''I'm sure I'll stop [making music] one day. When it starts to feel like I'm making it up. Hopefully I'll catch it before I ever get there, right? But right now it feels like we just started, so I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. But I do plan on expanding - to take six months or a year to myself and do some great films. Music's always there.''

And the 31-year-old rapper wants to wow people with his acting skills and get out of the ''typecast'' roles he expects to be cast in.

He told The Hollywood Reporter magazine: ''Being a young black guy, I think there's definitely the chance to get typecast. But I also have been pretty adamant about showing range.

''I try to show it through different outlets, like Saturday Night Live, showing people that I can be funny. When I get back into acting, I want to do things that make people go, 'Wow, I didn't expect that.' Like, it's nice to hear you say, 'You know, I didn't expect you to like those things.'''

Drake - who famously starred in Canada's popular television series 'Degrassi: The Next Generation' as basketball player Jimmy Brooks in the 2000s - previously expressed his desire to go back to his old passion of acting.

He shared: ''Acting is another thing that I just can't wait to really dive into, I think after I release 'More Life', which is this playlist I'm working on and finish this tour. I think I'm going to really start to position myself in the acting world and, hopefully, take some great roles.''