The group members were touring Memphis, Tennessee in 2015 when they ran into the Hotline Bling hitmaker's father at a local bar - an encounter they creatively documented in the promo for their new song.

In the Drake's Dad music video, Dennis can be seen hanging out and smoking cigarettes with the Arkells musicians.

“Last summer I was on a road trip with my best friends through the American south, and in the magic of the night, we happened to meet Drake’s dad - Dennis Graham - in a Memphis bar," Arkells frontman Max Kerman tells Highsnobiety. "He couldn’t have been more gracious, especially given that there were 16 of us, drunk on friendship and cheap American beer. This chance encounter inspired this song."

Drake's Dad features on the Arkells upcoming album Morning Report, which is released on 5 August (16).

This isn't the first time Drake's father has appeared in a music video - his son asked him to appear in the promo for his 2014 track Worst Behavior.