Drake used his concert at the O2 Arena to reveal fellow rapper J Hus has been released from prison.

The British rapper was believed to be remaining in jail until this summer after being sentenced for eight months in jail for carrying a knife in public last December, but during Drake's concert at the London venue on Friday (05.04.19) he brought J Hus on stage to reveal he's been released.

Speaking on stage, the 'Hotline Bling' hitmaker said: ''These are the type of things in my career that I'm just blessed to even be a part of. This is something I've wanted to make happen for the whole week, and I'm just glad I could make it happen with this group of people in this building because y'all been going crazy all night ... I need you to stand up, because [we're] about to celebrate one of our brothers tonight.''

The words ''welcome home'' then flashed across the venue's screens as the 22-year-old rapper walked on stage to cheers from the crowd.

He told fans: ''I've missed you so much, I swear.''

Before Drake then added: ''I wanna give you this stage so you can do what you've been waiting to do.''

J Hus then performed his 2017 hit 'Did You See'.

Earlier this week, Drake stopped another concert at the O2 Arena to pay tribute to late rapper Nipsey Hussle, after he was shot dead outside his clothing store in Los Angeles on March 31.

He said: ''He [Nipsey] was somebody that provided for his people, somebody that always treated you with respect when he saw you, somebody that commanded respect when he walked in the room.

''So I really want to do this shout out for Nip tonight and I just want everybody to look around and be grateful and happy that we're all here together, alive and well, because life can end at any moment. I just want to say I love you, I'm thankful to be with you tonight. London, as long as you'll have me back I'll stand in the middle of this building and give you everything I've f**king got. Cheers to my brother, rest easy my g. London, I love you.''