Drake flew ''seven hours'' to perform with Giggs at this year's Reading Festival.

The 30-year-old singer and songwriter jetted all the way to the UK to make a surprise appearance at the annual music extravaganza on Sunday (27.08.17), and stunned crowds when he joined the 'Lock Doh' hitmaker on the main stage to belt out his hit track 'KMT', which features Giggs.

Giggs - whose real name is Nathaniel Thomson - revealed he has ''only'' ever wanted to entertain his fans at Reading festival, and was proud to introduce his ''friend'' during his set.

As he introduced the Canadian hunk - whose full name is Aubrey Graham - Giggs said: ''Reading's the only festival that wanted to book me. They've always showed me mad love. I want to bring one of my friends out. He's travelled a long way.''

And when the dark-haired heartthrob appeared from the wings of the stage, he said: ''I came all this way, seven hours, to have this motherfucking party with you.

''I want to see everybody go crazy, Reading.''

During the performance of the track from Drake's 'More Life' Giggs stopped rapping briefly before he reloaded the record because he wanted to ensure the duo did the song justice.

The 34-year-old rapper said: ''This doesn't happen every day. We've got to do this right. We've got to do this properly.''

''I want to see the moshpit gang.''

Drake added: ''I want to see all the circles right now.''

However, the 'One Dance' hitmaker did not want to steal all of the attention from Giggs and soon exited the platform to allow the fellow musician to continue with his set.

As he left the stage, Drake said: ''Reading, I go by the name of Drake. I appreciate you, but today is not about me so please make some noise for this legendary god right here. He goes by the name of holler man Giggs.''

Giggs continued to wow crowds with 'Look What The Cat Dragged In', 'Talking The Hardest' and 'Whippin' Excursion', whilst earlier in the day he performed 'Man Don't Care', '3 Wheel Ups' and his 2016 it track from his 'Landlord' LP titled 'Lock Doh'.