The much-publicized brawl between Drake and Chris Brown both former boyfriends of popstar Rihanna, was explained further by the injured model in the party, Ingrid Gutierrez's lawyer to E! Online.
"[Ingrid] was with Chris Brown and his entourage just having a good time...she was at his table...right next to him when this occurred. She was just having a good time, a 21-year-old out, a young lady at a nightclub in Manhattan and all of a sudden a bottle came from [the direction of] the Drake table", the attorney said. "From what I've heard from my client.there was a note. A note passed by Drake to Chris Brown in regards to something with Rihanna", he added, though refused to divulge the contents.
It was enough to kick things off though, the attorney explaining "Then, Chris Brown was about to get up and leave with his entourage and that's when a bottle came from [the direction of] Drake's table to Chris Brown's table." The notorious Brown was apparently a perfect gent throughout however, with Gutierrez' man explaining " [Ingrid] said he was so polite throughout the whole night, that they were just having a good time.he was very calm and what he did, I believe, was he tried to even defend my client Ingrid." He also insisted "The cameras aren't going to lie, people that paid with their credit cards are going to be disposed".