Drake and Chris Brown might've been the most high profile, but it was by no means the first brawl to take place in New York's swanky W.i.P nightclub, a fact that ultimately looks quite likely to lead to the hotspot's demise. Tmz reports that officials have suspended the joint's liquor license after the New York State Liquor Authority (Sla) cited "ten separate assault and altercations beginning on March 11th 2012 and leading up to a large brawl at the club on June 14th 2012" - which, of course, was the night Drake, Brown and their respective entourages got it on.
The club has been hit with a reported 17 Alcoholic Beverage Control Law violations including drug activity, lack of supervision, using the name "W.i.P" without Sla authorization and "becoming a drain on police resources". Oh dear. The club had already been shut down by the Nypd and now with its license revoked it's unlikely it'll be opening again, with the ban taking effect immediately.
Earlier this week it was widely reported that Drake and Brown could be set to finish their duel in the boxing ring, after a celebrity boxing promoter claimed to have offered them $1 million each for three one-minute long rounds. This was somewhat undermined however after Brown's camp claimed that no offer of the sort had been made.