DJ Khaled wants to find a cream to make his beard ''glow''.

The 41-year-old rapper and music producer - whose full name is Khaled Mohamed Khaled - has admitted he has received advice from his friends about his facial hair, who have recommended he use a ''certain cream'', which leaves his furry feature looking radiant.

Speaking about the cosmetic product he needs to get his hands on, the 'Do You Mind' hitmaker said: ''I haven't had a chance to find a certain cream or nothing like that. ... You know, being in the beard life, I have friends of mine who tell me you can actually some type of thing that makes it glow, like how I got cocoa butter -- I need advice to get the right one.''

And the artist - who collaborated with Palmer's Cocoa Butter earlier this year - has hinted if he found a company who made a product he fell in love with, he would like to represent them.

He continued: ''Because I had a beard for a long time, so I would love to maybe find the right one and if I really love it, aye you never know, I might want to endorse it as well. But it's got to be something I love.''

And the musician - who has collaborated with renowned stars including Drake, Lil Wayne and Usher - has revealed he tries his ''hardest'' to squeeze in a manicure for himself once a week.

Speaking about his weekly pampering sessions to PEOPLE, the star said: ''I get my pedicures/manicures. I try my hardest to get them once a week. ... And not just your lady going to love you for that, but you are going to love yourself because you feel good. You walk different, you feel different, you feel good. You sleep different. ... It's not just for women, it's for everybody.''