LATEST: Dr Phil MCGRAW has hit back at Britney Spears' parents' criticism of him - insisting it was their idea for the pop star to appear on his show. MCGraw visited the singer at Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai hospital on Saturday (05Jan08), where she was held following her stand-off with police outside her Beverly Hills home, after refusing to hand over her kids to their dad Kevin Federline. After his visit, MCGraw revealed he planned to devote his TV show on Tuesday (8Jan08) to Spears' problems - but her parents backed out of the plan, and have since slammed the psychologist. They accused him of violating their trust by making public statements about his hospital visit to the troubled singer. But MCGraw claims he has only responded to the Spears family's requests. He says, "There's some spokesperson that's been out there talking to the contrary, and I'm just sitting here saying I know the truth, and so does everyone in the Spears camp."