America's top relationship advice expert Dr Phil has given The Osbournes his approval as a role model family, after joining them for the final episode of their MTV reality show.

The doctor, who made his name as Oprah Winfrey's official hard-hitting agony uncle on TV in America, met with the family at their Beverly Hills home for the finale of THE OSBOURNES, which aired in America last night (21MAR05) - and he thinks they're great.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne admit they expected Dr Phil, real name DR PHIL McGRAW, to take them to task on all their swearing and familial problems - but he couldn't have been nicer.

On the show, McGraw told the first family of reality television, "I've watched all the episodes and there are some things that I think are different than a lot of families in this family but I also think that this is one of the most loving, committed and most mutually-supportive families that I've ever seen."

22/03/2005 09:11