Top American relationship advice expert Dr Phil McGRAW had The Osbournes in tears on their final reality show on Monday night (21MAR05), when he asked Kelly Osbourne to talk about growing up around her drug and booze-addled dad Ozzy.

Dr Phil was invited into the family's home for the finale and he set about showing the Osbournes the best and worst of themselves.

He really hit a nerve when he asked daughter Kelly whether she suffered as a child when her rocker father was either on tour or incapacitated.

She sobbed, "I can't even remember a time when I was a kid when we'd ever go out as a family or go to a movie with my dad. He'd fall asleep in my school meetings. I thought that's the way that all families are."

But the SHUT UP singer insists she couldn't resent her father: "I can't be mad at somebody I love."

And she had her mother SHARON in tears when she revealed her father's sobriety is the "best thing he could have given her."

McGraw also made it clear to Ozzy that he can still be the best father ever - even though he failed when his daughter was growing up.

He asked, "Do you agree that it's not too late for you to be a huge influence in her life because young girls grow up and they really need that connection with their dads?

"She needs for you to really be involved in her life and treat her with dignity and respect... That will teach her never to settle for anything less from any man in her life."

23/03/2005 02:54