Rapper T.I. will ring in 2012 by releasing his new mixtape collaboration with reclusive hip-hop icon Dr. Dre.
The hitmaker, who spent much of 2011 behind bars on a probation violation, is planning to launch his latest release with a New Year's Eve (31Dec11) party in his native Atlanta, Georgia.
He says, "For New Year's I'm gonna be waitin' on F**k Da City Up to drop. We got a party poppin' off down here in Atlanta... We gonna turn up and it's basically that. Between the party and the mixtape, that's all I got going. New year, new money. That's that."
And he insists the new release will be a huge deal in the rap world: "He (Dr. Dre) got hot beats and I got dope rhymes (sic), so we can always get together and make music... (It will) sound like a party comin' through your speakers."