Rap superstar Dr Dre is reportedly quitting the music industry after just one more album.

The man behind Eminem and 50 CENT will hang up his microphone after releasing his much anticipated third solo CD DETOX.

An industry source says, "I don't know how seriously fans take it when rappers say they're going to retire, but his last album sold well.

"You can't look at it with the same expectations as Eminem or 50, but he has been relevant longer than most rappers, aside from Ice Cube and LL COOL J.

"If it's pure Dre genius, it could connect."

Dre - who launched his career in original gangsta rap group NWA - follows in the footsteps of fellow rap giant Jay-Z who recently released THE BLACK ALBUM, which he also claims will be his last.

05/01/2004 18:21