Rapper Dr Dre is suing his former record label Death Row over the rights to his groundbreaking 1992 album THE CHRONIC. Dre - real name Andre Young - filed the lawsuit last Wednesday (15Aug07) at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Los Angeles. It includes claims the now defunct label is attempting to sell copyrights for the album - which launched fellow rap star Snoop Dogg's career. When he handed over his 50 per cent share in Death Row Records in 1996, Dre struck an agreement with the label whereby the company retained copyrights for The Chronic - provided it continued to pay him royalties. In 2000 he cancelled the agreement, claiming he had received no royalties from the company. He is asking the court to officially rescind the agreement and force Death Row to return the copyrights to him. He is also seeking restitution from Death Row's use of the copyrights.