Superstar rapper Dr Dre has abandoned his upcoming solo album DETOX - to go back behind the scenes of the music industry.

The pioneering hip hop star, whose last album was CHRONIC 2001 in 1999, wants to give up rapping to spend more time nurturing producing artists he has nurtured such as Eminem and 50 CENT - and claims he will never record another studio album again.

He explains, "I just had a birthday. I turned 39-years-old. And I was just in my bedroom having pillow talk with my wife and I just came to the realisation that I feel more comfortable doing what I do - producing. And at the moment, I said (it felt) like a big-a** weight was lifted off my shoulders.

"The (current) inspiration I get is from the energy that's these artists are giving me. So, I totally cancelled out the idea of me doing the Detox album. I wanna work on these artists. I wanna make sure these artists come out and they can be the best that they can be."

29/03/2004 18:17