Hip-hop mogul Dr Dre's lawyers yesterday (21MAR05) called for a lawsuit brought by former Detroit city employees against the BAD INTENTIONS star to be thrown out of court.

The four accusers claim they were unknowingly filmed backstage at a 2000 concert arguing with members of Dre's entourage during the UP IN SMOKE TOUR - footage which was released two years ago (03) as part of the documentary DETROIT CONTROVERSY.

Speaking through their attorney, GLENN OLIVER, GREG BOWENS, PAULA BRIDGES and GARY BROWN say they did not give authorisation for the footage to be released.

But defence lawyer HERSCHEL FINK, who is also representing co-defendants TIME Warner and BEST BUY CO in the case, said it was obvious to everyone involved that cameras were filming backstage for the documentary.

22/03/2005 22:06