Hip-hop supremos Dr Dre and Eminem are being sued by a French jazz musician who claims the mega-successful duo sampled his work without permission.

JACQUES LOUSSIER is seeking $10 million (GBP6.25 million) in copyright damages from the pair for sampling him on Eminem's track KILL YOU, released on THE MARSHALL MATHERS LP in 2000.

The Frenchman is accusing Dre - real name ANDRE YOUNG - of serial plagiarism at the New York case.

His lawyer MARTIN GARBUS says, "When Mr Young hears music he likes, it is his habit to take it."

It's not the first time Dre has been hauled before the courts accused of stealing samples - just two months ago (MAY03) he had to pay $1.5 million (GBP937,500) to London's MINDER MUSIC LTD for taking a bass line for his song LET'S GET HIGH.

And Jacques' lawyers want full details of all Dre's copyright battles to be disclosed - to the objection of the rapper's defence.

15/07/2003 22:47