Rap mogul Dr Dre turned his studio into a graveyard while he was recording Busta Rhymes' new album - so he could create the sound of a career being buried. The forward-thinking producer was trying to create a different sound for Rhymes' LEGEND OF THE FALL-OFFS, the last track on his new album THE BIG BANG - and stunned the rapper when he brought in barrels of dirt. Rhymes reveals, "The song is about where you go after your career dies... and Dre, when he made the track for the record, he tried to emulate this sound of a grave being dug and a coffin being put in this grave. "He brought this barrel in the studio, he mic'd it up and he had dirt in it; the shovel going into the dirt symbolised the snare drum and the dirt being poured on the wooden coffin... and these dramatic pianos was like the darkness of the beat. "It made the song almost like an audio movie... Dre is crazy."