Rapper 50 CENT is proving how success can earn friends in high places - after recruiting a host of celebrities to appear in his next two music videos.

The multi-platinum-selling IN DA CLUB rapper recently shot two videos for his two forthcoming singles 21 QUESTIONS, featuring NATE DOG and MANY MEN.

The 21 Questions video, which was directed by Dr Dre and Phillip Atwell, features 50 Cent in prison.

Model Tyson Beckford plays the rapper's jailhouse adversary. Nate Dogg, who sings the chorus to the song, is also featured as an inmate.

The Many Men video features an attempted assassination by 8 MILE star Mekhi Phifer and GABRIEL CASSIUS on 50 Cent, who recruits the help of TINY 'ZEUS' LESTER.

The video also features Henry Simmons of hit TV show NYPD Blue, and ADAM RODRIGUEZ and Rory Cochrane of CSI: MIAMI.

The 21 Questions video is slated to hit video outlets in the coming weeks.