Down With Webster UK 2011 Shows & Single Release

Down With Webster UK 2011 Shows & Single Release

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Down With Webster (DWW) are a musical force, poised to be the next international breakout from a country that is quickly becoming a leading exporter of musical sensations (Arcade Fire, Bieber and Drake). The band have spent the past 10 years honing their craft, writing, producing and performing. The band's musical style draws from a number of influences to create a sound described as a modern day Sly & The Family Stone meets Beastie Boys.

DWW are a band that must be experienced live. Their high energy, over the top performances were the catalyst that ignited a word of mouth buzz and fanatical following that resulted in sold out show after sold out show, long before releasing a single or video. Their debut EP "Time To Win, vol. I" produced 3 hit, platinum-selling singles, 3 number one videos, and has resulted in millions and millions of YouTube hits. Since it's homeland release, the band has toured relentlessly across North America, sharing stages with some of the biggest names in music today, including Drake, 3Oh!3, The Roots, Ludacris and Black Eyed Peas.

DWW will release their first UK single, Whoa Is Me' via itunes on 28th March. It is a huge track that will get under your skin and have it spinning in your head for days.