RIPLEY'S GAME star Dougray Scott has revealed that the scandal involving him and Kate Winslet has only strengthened his devotion to his family.

The Scottish hunk was rumoured to be Kate's lover while they filmed the WW2 drama Enigma while her marriage to JIM THREAPLETON was breaking up. However, both denied the reports and Sam Mendes was revealed as her new partner.

But Dougray was furious about the effect the media had on his loved ones.

He fumes, "The amount of people I wanted to punch. What's the name of that stupid presenter on GMTV (British breakfast show)? They had something there about me kissing my wife and they got body language experts on the programme to analyse it. It was just so far away from the truth."

"My family comes first and everything else fits around that and that's the way I live my life."

30/05/2003 02:00