Dougray Scott would love to work with Irvine Welsh

The 'Dark Water' actor dreams of working with the Scottish-born writer on a project because he believes he writes for a Scottish audience.

He said: "Ever since I read 'Trainspotting', I've thought the guy is genius. I understand the world he writes about, in the same way as American writers provided a voice for American actors that they could relate to, he's done that for a lot of Scots who really just recognise that world that he writes about."

Despite his love of Scotland, Dougray confirms his real love is for London and he believes the British capital is a better city to live in than Los Angeles.

He told the Scotsman newspaper: "I've never really felt like I've lived in Los Angeles. In terms of quality of life, there's great things about Los Angeles, but as a city it doesn't compare even a little bit to London. I need to have theatres and museums and parks around me in order to feel alive, it's a bit of a dead city, Los Angeles."

The 44-year-old leading man is currently working on a number of film projects, including 'No Ordinary Trifle' with Michelle Ryan and Claire Forlani and 'The Magnificent Eleven' alongside Sean Bean and Robert Vaughn.