British pop star Dougie Poynter bought a house near Sir David Attenborough's residence just to be close to the veteran broadcaster.

The MCBusted star has revealed he is a huge fan of the nature Tv expert and has moved to the same area of Richmond, south west London where Attenborough lives just so he can see his idol out and about.

Sharing a sofa with Attenborough on Graham Norton's U.K. talk show, Poynter excitedly tells him, "I'm a really, really big fan of yours. So much so that when I was looking to move and didn't quite know where to move to I just Googled where you live because it must be the most serene place ever, I thought.

"So I live just up the road from you. I see you quite a bit - on the way to the dry cleaners I go past your house!"

The episode featuring Poynter's interview is due to air in the U.K. on Friday (23Jan15).