British boy band star Dougie Poynter is fuming after learning his ex-girlfriend Frankie Sandford has been targeted with death threats after he checked into rehab to recover from their split.
The MCFly bassist checked into a clinic earlier this month (Mar11) to deal with personal issues stemming from his break-up from The Saturdays singer Sandford in November (10).
Poynter left the unit on Monday (14Mar11) after finishing his treatment - and was disgusted to learn Sandford has been subjected to violent messages from MCFly fans.
He tells Britain's News of the World, "It's out of control really. I think anyone receiving death threats is not a good thing. I don't support anything like that. I don't wish bad things upon anybody."
But the Brit, who kicked off a trek with his bandmates on Friday (18Mar11), is pleased he decided to take a break to deal with his heartache.
He adds, "It's one of the best things I've ever done in my whole life. I'm still me but it's definitely been very positive. I don't know how I've changed. I try not to really think too much about it."